• Mass-market paperback

Leisure/Dorchester, August, 2008.


• Limited Edition Hardcover

Cemetery Dance, May 2011.


A house with past atrocities living in its walls, a church perverted into a chapel of abomination, corpses exhumed for a diabolic rite...


The week before he’s to enter the seminary, Hudson learns he’s just won the lottery. But not just any lottery–Lucifer’s lottery. Only eleven people in all of human history have been so honored since Lucifer’s fall from Heaven millennia ago. All


Hudson needs to do is say “yes” and he will receive an all-expenses-paid tour of Hell, with his tour guide the damned soul of H. P. Lovecraft, the greatest horror writer of all time... Hudson ventures into the abyss, to witness carnal pleasures that boggle the mind and horrors piled upon horrors within the smoking, screaming metropolis that is now the devil’s domain. But will Hudson make the ultimate choice and disavow his salvation to become a prince in Hell?