EDWARD LEE is the author of almost fifty novels and numerous short stories and novellas. Several of his properties have been optioned for film, while Header was released on DVD in 2009; also, he has been published in Germany, England, Romania, Greece, Japan, Russia, France and Austria. Recent releases include Bullet Through Your Face and Brain Cheese Buffet (story collections), Header 2, and the hardcore Lovecraftian books The Innswich Horror, Trolley No. 1852, Pages Torn From A Travel Journal, Going Monstering, and Haunter of the Threshold.

The living legend of literary mayhem. Read him if you dare!

— Richard Laymon, author of To Wake the Dead and Savage


Edward Lee's writing is fast and mean as a chain saw revved to full-tilt boogie.

— Jack Ketchum, author of Off Season and The Girl Next Door


Lee pulls no punches.

— Fangoria

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Over twenty years ago the legendary monster known as The Bighead was killed, and since that time, its huge dead body has lain  hidden in the locked cooler at a remote funeral home.

Then a stranger came to town...  And guess what?

Now the Bighead’s body is gone, and, no, it wasn’t stolen.  It walked out on its own.



Join the nameless Writer and his two nymphomaniac girlfriends in their search for this execrable, unstoppable monster which leads them on a stupefying hot-rod joyride through a redneck netherscape of corpse-sex, scat flicks, human livestock, warlock mansions, people with no bones, devilish mafiosos, the Bighead’s twin sister, and a drone tour through Hell...


You better be, because The Bighead is back, and he’s looking to party...