Crick City is a small hick town. Violent, mean and dirt-poor, it's a place nobody wants to call home. 


But for homicide cop Phil Straker, it is home. And now someone—or something—is turning his boyhood town into a bloody sideshow of mutilation and gruesome carnage.


They're called Creekers. Centuries old, driven by rage and lust for revenge, they move through the deep, dark woods— deformed, shadowy outcasts with twisted faces and blood-red eyes. Now, as the moon hangs low over their ancient house, they're gathering for a harvest of terror and death Crick City will never forget...




Is it true that this respectable mass-market release is stuffed to the gills with redneck gross-out and sex with deformees? Uh...yeah, all that and more. It was this book that first sparked Lee to bring his peculiar obsession with Americanus White Trashus into the novel-length venue. What are Creekers? They’re genetically defected psychopathic hillfolk but it’s important to point out that these aren’t just ANY genetically defected psychopathic hillfolk. Hard-edged city cop Phil Straker (Lee gets a lot of mileage out of that old pen name) gets drummed off the force on a bad rap, and next thing you know he’s wearing a badge in his backwoods hometown of Crick City. (In the original draft, Lee added a few extra gross-out scenes, but as it turned out only one was cut--the “Kohl’s Point scene, which he later pasted into THE BIGHEAD.) Rightfully, CREEKERS is a Lee classic, and a favorite among fans. When a novel’s got strip joint full of deformed dancers, you know you’re in thoughtful hands.


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