• Trade hardcover edition of 500 copies, Camelot Books. May 2010.

  • Limited hardcover edition of 500 signed and numbered copies, Camelot Books. May 2016.

  • Traycased lettered edition of 26 signed and lettered copies, Camelot Books. May 2016.

  • Artwork by Glenn Chadbourne


"Down here, we take care of our own..."


Three Manhattan rich boys looking for some kicks, a beautiful hill-girl trapped in a life of morbid prostitution, a backwoods town shrouded in a secret so demented that it beggars description.  What do these three things all have in common?




The myth is over a hundred years old, and the act more twisted, more perverse, and more utterly hideous than anything imaginable.  Rape, mutilation, and torture of the most abominable sort all seem meek by comparison...




Some things are worse than even the devil's work.  Far, far worse.




A novel of unspeakable evil.