Grandpappy, what's a header?


Header is a tale of consummate grotesquerie from the master of graphic horror -- the author of such books as: Succubi, Incubi and Creekers. It is a chapbook of the most extreme fiction you'll ever read! A horrific splatter mystery in the Joe R. Lansdale tradition... bathed in blood!


An old man with no feet, a bumpkin rapist fresh out of prison, a federal cop who will do anything for money... They all have one thing in common...


The ultimate revenge, the ultimate perversion. What kind of a mind could devise such a thing? What kind of evil?


Deep in the hills, something hideous is going on. From the squalid shack you can hear it: the demented revel, the shrill, nerve-racking whine, and screams sailing away into an endless night. But don't look in the window unless you really want to know!





"Lee knows how to juice up his sexual violence to about 8.5... which is well and good for fans of extreme horror..."

— Edward Bryant, Locus


"I liked it... The plot is fast-moving and has many true surprises. I recommend it..."

— Wayne Edwards, Cemetery Dance


"Header is Edward Lee knocking your ass on the floor with no-holds-barred horror... If your a fan of Lee's work, or interested in the splatter/shock genre of horror, this novelette can't be beat."

— Opinion Dominated Magazine

Trade Paperback & eBook