• Limited edition hardcover, Cemetery Dance, 2003.

  • Mass-market paperback, Leisure Books, January 2004.

  • Trade paperback & eBook, Necro Publications, January 2013.





In this second installment of horror-master Edward Lee’s critically acclaimed INFERNAL series, join hybrid demons, zombie prostitutes, and Fallen Angels as they journey through the smoking, blood- and-gut splattered streets of the Mephistopolis—Lucifer’s eternal city of the damned. 


A city…in Hell. That’s what Hell is now, an endless metropolis spiring with black skyscrapers, raging in eternal horror. The moon is black and the sky is the color of blood. Screams rip down streets and through alleys, carried by malodorous winds. 


The people of this place trudge the sidewalks back and forth, to home, to work, to stores, etc., just as they do in any city. There’s only one difference. In THIS city, the people are all dead. Now, two normal living humans, humans just like you, have discovered the most time-held occult secret. They have the ability to enter this city of the damned, but with powers greater than even a Fallen Angel. They’re angels themselves now—infernal angels. One means to foil the most monstrous plot ever devised, the other means to set it into action and bring all the evil of Hell to the Living Earth. Join them on their journey. Join them in the guts of the City Infernal…



Trade Paperback & eBook