• Limited edition hardcover, 450 signed and numbered copies, Necro Publications, August 2009.

  • 26 signed & lettered deluxe hardcovers in custom traycase. Contains a full-color chapbook entitled INFERNAL TOURS, an illustrated beastiary by GAK. From Camelot Books.

  • "City of Sixes" chapette included with hardcovers bought directly from Necro Publications and select other booksellers. 250 signed & numbered copies. 



Anthology Based on Edward Lee's Vision of Hell. 


Edited and Illustrated by Gak


With an all new short novel, THE SENARY, by Edward Lee


And featuring all original short fiction set in the Infernal world of Edward Lee from:


• John Shirley

• John Everson

• Brian Keene

• Charlee Jacob

• Maynard and Sims

• Gerard Houarner

• Bryan Smith

Bonus Chapbook with Lettered HC