A Children's Book




What was THAT?


Terri heard a loud cracking sound coming from the open window. 

It’s coming from… the lake, she realized with a chill.


The room was completely silent now. The steady, throbbing nightsounds had stopped the instant she’d heard the cracking, almost as if all those crickets and peepers had gotten scared from the noise and fell silent.


And then—


Ka-CRACK! She heard it again. And…




Something had fallen into the lake, something that was very, very… big.


It’s nothing, Terri, she kept telling herself. Nothing to be afraid of. It was probably just a tree branch breaking off and falling in the water.


Yeah, she thought sleepily, her eyes growing heavy. Just a tree branch… falling… in the water…


And a moment later, Terri fell fast asleep…

She never heard the next sound that sailed out of the woods…


A scream.

1st Edition
Trade Paperback & eBook