• Mass-market paperback. Leisure/Dorchester, April 2003. 2nd printing May 2003, 3rd printing July 2004, 4th printing August  2005.

  • Limited Edition Hardcover, Cemetery Dance, 2002.

  • Trade paperback & eBook, Necro Publications, January 2014.



Sexual obsessions running amok, a stagnant lake full of abominable horrors, and a secluded clinic with a secret wing that no one’s ever entered. These are just a few of the goings-on in this macabre tech-horror story in which veteran novelist Edward Lee takes the mad-scientist theme into shocking new territory. Security manager Clare Prentiss swears she’s being watched during her nightly rounds on a remote federal nature preserve. Meanwhile, local hoodlums disappear without a trace, and women are dragged into woods to be raped and discarded by some unspeakable thing. Indeed, something is stalking Clare. A man? A monster? Or something significantly worse? Creepy, erotic, and gory, MONSTROSITY delivers up the horrors at a break-neck pace and doesn’t stop until the final page.

Trade Paperback & eBook