(written at Phillip Straker)


  • Mass-market paperback. Zebra Books, October 1982.


“This book’s a hunk of junk, too,” Lee repeats of his second published book-length endeavor. This time, it’s a maraschino cherry but, alas, no cocktail--and that’s too bad ’cuz you’ll need one to take this modern Gothic seriously. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE meets GHOST STORY? You could call it that. But you could better call it proof that editors don’t necessarily read the books they contract when the market’s good. “The best way to learn how to do something right is to first do it wrong,” Lee relates. “Well, NIGHT LUST and NIGHT BAIT are excellent examples of how NOT to write a novel.” Collectors pay considerable coin for this one on Ebay too. You won’t find a more unique $50 window jamb. “It’s ka-ka,” Lee says. “Don’t buy it.”

Mass-Market PB