Haunted House Limited Hardcover

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Overlook Connection Press
Signed and numbered

OCP Features:
• Signed by Edward Lee.
• Original full page illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne.
• Only 500 Signed Limited Editions produced.

These stories feature one connecting theme: they all take place in The White House! And a HAUNTED HOUSE it is! With ex-presidents, that is, dead ex-presidents making many ppearances in various forms. Supernatural elements take place that may explain how some of the "Executive" decisions are made. And what about that White House lawn? Who, or what, lives their in the twilight hours?

All this and more is offered up in Edward Lee's visions of the ultimate HAUNTED HOUSE and other Presidential Horrors. Not for the faint of heart... or stomach! This collection of presidential horrors brings together Edward Lee s political themed stories for the first time. Featuring previously unpublished fiction as well as rare reprints.