The Bighead Trade Paperback

The Bighead Trade Paperback

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• This is the author's preferred version giving the reader the last twenty pages that were completely re-written at the request of the first publisher. Now with the book back in print and with the original vision of the author.
• Twenty-one interior illustrations by Erik Wilson.
• 351 pages.

Rape. Murder. Brain-eating.

Never before has a work of fiction dared to delve so deeply into the realms of perversion, sexual dementia, and bad taste...

Who is he? What is he? An inbred homicidal pervert? A supernatural psychopath? Who or whatever he is, he's on a roll now, raging out of the Virginia backwoods and leaving in his wake a trail of blood, guts, and disgust far beyond the limits of your reckoning.


Sex-addict, drug-addict - a woman so far out of control she would make Linda Lovelace look like a schoolmarm. And little does she know, The Bighead is coming... for her.


Closed for years, Wroxeter Abbey is back in business, haunted by two nuns... from hell. Erotopathic, clinically demented, gross beyond belief. To the faithful priest, Father Alexander, they will do things that absolutely beggar description...