You Are My Everything Hardcover (PC)

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Easter Cutler's Ole Grandpop Orne used to always say, “All men’re the same when you git right down to it. All silly’n ever-lovin’ HORNY. Cain’t control their urges fer the life of ’em…” And Easter has sure learned that the hard way. But she's got a way fix things with her husband. And Noot is sure gonna find out just how much his wife loves him. Because Easter's Old Grandpop had some secrets himself and hidden within the ancient pages, kept in a beaten old binder handed down to his loving granddaughter, lies a gateway to the darkest magic the world has ever known—a magic that will let Noot know that Easter will do anything to keep their love whole. Poor old Noot…he's about to find out just how much Easter means it when she says…