Edited by Richard Chizmar





Features the Edward Lee story “Xipe.”


Cemetery Dance Publications is proud to announce Shivers II, the sequel to last year's award nominated and bestselling anthology! Shivers II is a brand new anthology of terror, containing almost two dozen short stories from today's hottest writers, including Bentley Little, Douglas Clegg, Edward Lee, Ray Garton, Graham Masterton, Tom Piccirilli, Thomas Tessier, F. Paul Wilson, Rick Hautala, and many others! Featuring original dark fiction with a handful of rare reprints, Shivers II II is available only as a beautiful perfect-bound trade paperback.


"Anna" by F. Paul Wilson
"MO3:16" by Geoff Cooper
"The Machinery of Night" by Douglas Clegg
"Will You Tell Them I Died Quietly?" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"Marking the Passage of Time" by Brian Freeman
"Schoolhouse" by Rick Hautala
"Weakness" by Tom Piccirilli
"When Worlds Collide" by David Niall Wilson
"Slouching in Bethlehem" by Brian Keene
"Riding the Storm Out" by J.F. Gonzalez
"Fine Until You Called" by Thomas Tessier
"The Box Man" by Gary A. Braunbeck
"Something in Store" by Bev Vincent
"Can You Dig It?" by Garrett Peck
"The New Kid" by Al Sarrantonio 
"Xipe" by Edward Lee
"A Better Man" by David G. Barnett
"A Night Out With the Boys" by Ray Garton
"Living in the Cemetery, Dancing the Dance" by Kelly Laymon
"The House of Dust" by Thomas F. Monteleone & Elizabeth E. Monteleone
"How Dead is that Doggie in the Window?" by Patricia Lee Macomber 
"Junkyard of the Damned" by Robert Morrish
"Last Wish" by Bentley Little
"The Burgers of Calais" by Graham Masterton

Trade Paperback