Features the Edward Lee story “The Order of Nature.”


Taverns are timeless places, as familiar and welcome as the spirits that rest themselves atop the bar. Through the ages, in times of war, of famine, of love and death, they have stood in silence, radiating the promise of a soporific sojourn from the horrors and the worries of the outside world. We are drawn to them by this promise, by the notion that we may be protected and comforted by the light, the animated chatter and the warmth inside those smeared glasses. When we go there, it is with no fear at all.


But taverns can be deadly places, where ghosts walk, the shadows talk and not everyone is your friend.


With Taverns of the Dead, editor Kealan Patrick Burke has reserved a table and gathered together some of the finest writers in modern horror and dark fantasy to share their most terrifying bar stories with you, the unsuspecting patron. 

Pull up a chair and prepare to be regaled by tales of monsters, madness, ghosts and gore, in a place we know all too well...