• Mass-market paperback, Zebra Books, November 1993. Second printing, September 2001.

  • Limited edition hardcover, 150 signed & numbered copies. Hard Gore Press 2010.

  • Lettered edition hardcover in Slipcase, 26 copies. Hard Gore Press 2010.

  • Trade paperback & eBook, Necro Publications, April, 2012.



Restaurant manager Vera Abott seems to have been given the job of her dreams. With a huge salary, company car and accommodation thrown in she moves to The Inn - a new restaurant / hotel being developed at the secluded Wroxton Hall by the mysterious Mr. Feldspar. But from the day she arrives she realises something is seriously wrong. She hears strange noises and sees shadowy figures prowling the corridors late at night and in her dreams is seduced by a hideous stranger who uses her body to satisfy his depraved lusts. The Inn hides a terrible secret and Vera is about to be initiated into a secret world of diabolical sex and horror.




Inexplicably retitled THE CHOSEN--Lee’s title was THE INN, because, well, that’s what it’s about--this gory neo-Gothic was the first of a 3-book deal Lee signed with Zebra in 1992 (and the first novel he didn’t write on a typewriter; for this he used a $400 Smith-Corona word processor). Lee’s obsession with all things culinary stomps all through this story, such that you might want to imagine the Food Network with demons instead of Emeril. Restaurant manager Vera Abbot jumps at the chance to split from her cheating, drug-snorting boyfriend and go to work at a four-star dining room in a secluded country inn. Splatter, perverted sex, and a female demon with a penis highlight the ensuing outrageous shenanigens. As for the secondary character suspiciously named “Lee,” the author admits: “When I was 17, I worked as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant. So I took the liberty of injecting that aspect of myself into this carnal fantasy. And, of course, I kill myself." Lee’s gross-out fans seem to love this book; Lee himself does not, blaming the forced positive ending and too much indulgence on his own part (example: the painstaking accuracy regarding brand-names of commercial-grade kitchen equipment!) Feel free to make the determination as to whether or not horror fiction and cuisine go well together (along with sutured labias and kniting needles through the ears).

Trade Paperback & eBook