• Lettered edition hardcover, 26 signed and lettered copies. Sideshow Press, 2009.

  • Limited Edition chapbook, 250 signed & numbered copies. Sideshow Press, 2009.




1. One who experiences sexuoerotic arousal at the sight of a pregnant woman.

2. One with a fetish for pregnant women.


Everything is going right for Heyton. Just hours away from closing the business deal of a lifetime, he’s about to become very rich and the envy of all his competitors. With night falling, he should be relaxing in his hotel room, getting some much needed rest before his big day.


But Heyton has a compulsion, one that has him cruising the streets in the seedy section of town, desperately searching for the perfect woman to satisfy his sick needs.


Like an angel, she appears. The face of a cheerleader and the swollen, gloriously gravid body of a Madonna, she’s willing to sell her body for his fulfillment.


Everything is about to go very wrong for Heyton. In a fleabag hotel room, he will learn an important lesson . . . “People are never what they seem.”


From Edward Lee comes a story of fetishism and depravity that only the master of extreme horror could tell.

Hardcover & TPB