written as L.E. Seymour

(co-author, Bradley O'Leary)


  • Trade Hardcover. Thomas Nelson, 2009.


The unimaginable, yet indisputable, story about what really led to the tragic events of November 22, 1963.


It's a story so outrageous it almost seems like a movie―or a nightmare. And yet, as Triangle of Death proves so definitively, it's all true: President John F. Kennedy was killed as the result of a massive conspiracy between the CIA-controlled government of South Vietnam, the French global heroin syndicate, and the New Orleans Mafia.


This may sound unbelievable at first, but authors Brad O'Leary and L.E. Seymour have painstakingly researched and scrupulously corroborated every last detail, combining the popular notions of other theorists with little-kown and often-overlooked facts to build a monumental case that is both shocking and convincing.


This is an assassination book like no other―told simply and frankly. It includes details of a first-time-ever crime scene re-creation at Dealey Plaza, an exclusive new interview with one of the primary players, and federal documents that have only recently been declassified or released exclusively to the authors. Inside, you'll also discover:


  • President John F. Kennedy planned and developed a coup d'etat that resulted in the political murders of Ngo Dinh Diem, the Catholic president of South Vietnam, and his two brothers

  • CIA documents confirm that a notorious French triple agent and terrorist assassin was captured by U.S. authorities in Dallas less than 48 hours after Kennedy was shot―and instead of being arrested, he was secretly deported.

  • A Mafia chieftain who employed Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald's uncle, verifiably confessed to federal officers that he had been directly involved in Kennedy's murder.

  • The United States and the Soviet Union both went on high military alert immediately after Kennedy's death, bringing the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation.


Using actual CIA documents, KGB documents and Mafia testimony, interviews with key witnesses and participants, and reexamined evidence and public records, Triangle of Death is the book that will change everything you believed―or didn't believe―about the suspicious death of JFK.