• Mass-market paperback. Daw Books, July 2004.



Features the Edward Lee story “Night of the Vegetables."


The White House has seen many extraordinary events unfold within its well-guarded walls. And now such top writers as Brian Hodge, Max Allan Collins and Barbara Collins, Graham Masterton, Bill Crider, Billie Sue Mosiman, and Edward Lee tell the tales we'd hear if those walls could talk-and we had the proper security clearance. 


Here then are sixteen unforgettable stories of destiny and death, of the eerie and the inexplicable, of the might have been or the might yet happen -from Thomas Jefferson's use of a writing machine with a mind of its own...to a Voodoo-fueled attempt to seize control of Abraham Lincoln...to Harry Truman's confrontation with a 150-year-old ghost...to a president determined to mastermind his own exit from office..