An HWA Anthology



  • Mass-market paperback. Pocket Books, January 1999.



Features the Edward Lee story “Scripture Girl."


Esther Friesner witnesses four women sharing their very different close encounters in "Jolene's Motel" David Silva explores a town's decimation by one very voracious visitor in "Nothing As It Seems". P.D. Cacek inhabits the body of an accident victim who feels the inexplicable spark of alien life. Plus eighteen other masterworks harvested by the Horror Writers Association.



  • In Hollow Houses by Gary Braunbeck

  • Radiance by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

  • Jolene's Motel by Esther Friesner

  • A Last, Longing Look by James Robert Smith

  • Even Saints and Angels by John B. Rosenman

  • A Light in the Sky by Christie Golden

  • Alien and Fugue by Lois Tilton

  • The Flicker Man by Edward Bryant and Trey R. Barker

  • Guessing at the Unknown by Cynthia Geddes

  • Scripture Girl by Edward Lee

  • The Threshold of Beyond by Stephen Mark Rainey

  • The Glassy Apes by Tracy Knight

  • Nothing As It Seems by David Silva

  • Fuel by Adam-Troy Castro

  • A World Hushed by Snow by Juleen Brantingham

  • After Welles by Michael Scott Bricker

  • Jerusalem Syndrome by Janet Berliner

  • The End of the Dream Time by Catherine Mintz

  • Realizations by Don D'Ammassa

  • A Rustle of Owl's Wings by Thomas Smith

  • Fireflies by P.D. Cacek